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Cribbage Boards

   Have a personalized cribbage board made with your family name or the name of your family retreat, man cave, special event or company logo carved right into the center of the hardwood cribbage board. If you can think it... we can carve it!

   These cribbage boards measure 16" x 7½". Each custom cribbage board has two tracks and includes high quality metal pegs. We'll carve out a unique peg storage compartment in the backside of each Custom Carved Cribbage Board. Felt pads are also added to every board. We don't stop there though. We'll, also, add a keyhole in the back of each board so your personalized cribbage board can be proudly displayed on any wall for all of your friends to see.


   This cribbage board has the regulation 120 holes. One lap around your personalized cribbage board is a complete game. You'll no longer need to remember if you're on the first time around, or the second time around.
One lap equals one game.

   Other styles and shapes are available. Contact us to discuss your personalized cribbage board design idea, or to request a price quotation.

A small quantity discount is available.

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